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Make your mark in 2014

  • Want to become an amateur astronomer?


    I know, an amateur astronomer does not sound as cool as becoming an astronaut, a job many of us were taking into serious consideration while growing up – until realizing what such a career would actually entail. But, reader, do not give up on your dreams! I cannot promise you’ll be sent to space, but I can guarantee you’ll be exploring...

  • Is your PhD worth a TEDtalk?


    Are you a PhD or post-doc researcher at UGent/HoWest/HoGent? Do you want to introduce your mind-bending work to a broad international audience? Then participate in our contest, pitch your idea and win a six minute slot on the main stage of TEDxGhent 2014 . You will be able to share your ideas and research with a larger, non-scientific audience...

  • And if we flushed it all away… Would we leave marks or scars?


    In Belgium, we’re right at the eve of the mother all elections. But what if we flushed them away: no more elections? Feeling a bit frightened by the thought? Maybe you might be even more shocked if we told you this isn’t the proposal for Belgium, not even for our Western world. But that’s what one of our speakers...

  • How Breadcrumbs can make your city a better place


    Last Saturday was the fourth edition of AppsforGhent. Of course an organisation like ours is a huge fan of this event and its philosophy (read last year’s love letter from TEDxGhent’s Gwen ). So there was no doubt that we would continue our collaboration. We sent our very own TEDxGhent jury this year and offered our pick a talk...

  • Exciting battle against bacteria?


    Researchers from the Ghent University, MIT and the University of Queensland have developed a revolutionary new technique to see the difference between benign and malignant bacteria. Breakthroughs like this obviously trigger us at TEDxGhent. Last year’s winner of our PhD Contest, Chris Callewaert, presented his research on smelly armpits at our event in June. He discovered that body odours...